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Fan Way’s Fun Story

Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery was established on 25th, Dec. 2011.
The address of our manufactory is 310 meters north to Miaowang Village,Xushui Street, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China Mainland.
Fertilizer equipment are researched and manufactured here by our professional engineers and industrious workers, then shipped to countries all over the world from China main harbours, such as Qingdao, Guangzhou.

Our Mission & Vision

Fan Way exists to provide customers with customized organic & compound fertilizer production line, all kinds of higher efficiency fertilizer machines.
We have achieved “99.7% On-Time Shipping With a 0.021% Error Rate for the past several years providers of outstanding customer experiences”.
Fan Way is not the enterprise that enjoys the long history, by now at least. However, at the stage of rapid growth, every endeavor is made to improve technology & products service life, to strengthen international cooperation, and to satisfy customers from different countries,such as South Africa, Nigeria, India, Thailand,Indonesia, Philippine, Bangladesh, etc.

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Our People & Culture

152 professional sales persons & design team members + 50 responsible technicians & workers = Fan Way Team
Our people rejoice from seeing our customers’ success grow after purchasing our products, and build technology & service to enable that growth. From our perspective, none of that matters if we’re not helping our customers drive their businesses(quality fertilizer producing & selling) forward with real, tangible gains. At the core, we want our customers to Love, Trust and Value us.

The Main Products of Fan Way

Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery Co.,Ltd is especially engaged in designing, R&D, manufacturing and selling cost-efficiency fertilizer equipment.
○ Customized fertilizer production lines.
For example, organic fertilizer production line, bio-organic fertilizer production line, compound fertilizer production line, and BB fertilizer production line; Fan Way provide you with design scheme for complete production line, spot inspection and operator training in accordance with your special demand.
○ Various quality fertilizer machines, such as rotary drum granulator/dryer/cooler/screen, flat pan mixer, horizontal mixer, high-moisture fertilizer crusher, vertical chain crusher, cage mill, disc granulator, flat die fertilizer pellet mill, new type organic fertilizer dedicated granulator, double roller granulator, double mode granulator, belt conveyor.
○ Best solutions to common fertilizer equipment problems
○ Complete market analysis for your business plan

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Our Services

♤ When we get your inquiry, we’ll recommend you the exact suitable machine for you, and reply you within 12 hours.
♤ Quality Guarantee: three-guarantees of product and warranty period is one year.
♤ Technical support is provided from the beginning to the end.
♤ Spare parts are serviced for sale in the whole year.
♤ Installation and Adjustment: should the installation service is needed, technicians  will be provided by supplier for buyer to assist the work such as welding connection of shell body.

Why Choose Us?

▽ We put more focus on individual customers, provide shorter lead times, and take relatively small orders.
▽ Cost Efficiency: as a real and reliable manufacturer of all fertilizer machines and production lines, we do foreign trade with a Comparatively Reasonable Price.
▽ Commercial Principle: we keep win-win principle with our customers.
▽ Strong R&D Team: as for fertilizer production line, we will specially design for you according to your raw materials, self construction of factory building and capitalbudget.
▽ Gain a good reputation from long-term partner, agency, and client.
▽ Offer most suitable and efficient fertilizer solution according to your specific requirements.
▽ On-time shipment and pre-shipment products quality safeguards.

We’re available for any project!