Mini Organic Fertilizer Production Line Installation in Nepal

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Mini Organic Fertilizer Production Line Installation in Nepal

Two days ago, our client, Ram, sent his mini organic fertilizer production line installation pictures to us. Before organic fertilizer making machine purchasing, he said his requirements to us. According to his requirements and needs, we suggested and designed a new small scale organic fertilizer production line Designed by Fan Way for him. At last, he chose mini organic fertilizer production line. The production capacity of this line is 10,000 t/h.
Ram has a chicken farm and there is 50 tons fresh chicken manure every day. The water content of fresh chicken manure is 70-85%. How to begin organic fertilizer production? We provide the following methods to him. The first step is dehydration for fresh chicken manure. After dehydration process, water content can be reduced to 65-70%. And then add some hay meal to chicken manure in order to keep 60% of water content. Add leavening agent to make the raw materials fully fermented. During fermentation process, use hydraulic compost turner to mix and turn chicken manure for 7-15 days. When chicken manure is decomposing, begin organic fertilizer production. Because of 25-30% water content of raw materials after decomposing, high moisture materials crusher is needed. Use fertilizer screening machine to make screening of raw materials. And then use new type organic fertilizer granulator to make organic fertilizer pellets. Dry and cool down the organic fertilizer granules after granulating. Make screen granules and pack organic fertilizer pellets.
The whole organic fertilizer production process is dehydration → adding hay meal → adding leavening agent → mixing and turning chicken manure(hydraulic compost turner)→ crushing chicken manure(high moisture materials crusher) → making screening chicken manure(fertilizer screening machine) → organic fertilizer granulation (new type organic fertilizer granulator) → making screening organic fertilizer pellets → drying and cooling → packaging

Mini Organic Fertilizer Production Line Installation pictures:

hydraulic compost turner machine


organic fertilizer screening machine

belt conveyor

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