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Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer Being Exported to New Zealand


Details of Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer:
Product Name: Horizontal Mixer
Model: FY-WSJB-120
Dimension: 3200*1350*1700mm
Dia.: 1200mm   Power:15kw
Production Capacity:1580kg
Manufacturer: FanWay Fertilizer Machinery
Departure City: Shanghai
Delivery Date:10th, July, 2015

fertilizer mixer machine

Advantage of Industrial Fertilizer Mixer:
☆ High mixing uniformity
☆ Less material residual
☆ Low energy consumption
☆ Stable performance
☆ Easy to operation & maintenance
☆ Suitable for organic & compound fertilizer production
☆ Utilizing stainless steel spiral blade

What are the agitating vanes of horizontal mixer made of?
A: They are made of carbon steel generally. But we can also manufacture fertilizer mixer with stainless steel structure in accordance with customers’ special demands. As the main function of stainless steel is anti-corrosion, customers can choose a more properer one according to the raw materials.
This fertilizer mixer is mainly used in organic fertilizer production line.In the flat die granulator production line with an annual output of 30,000 tons,horizontal mixer is used to evenly mix fermented organic materials, to improve fertilizer nutrient distribution uniformity and the greatest fertilizer nutrient use efficiency.

Horizontal Fertilizer Mixer before packaging

horizontal fertilizer mixer

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