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FanWay   Fertilizer   Machinery

fanway fertilizer machinery

FANWAY is a professional manufacturer specialized in manufacturing and exporting whole sets of organic & compound fertilizer production line, and various fertilizer equipment with high quality & competitive price. We have established a complete quality assurance system to guarantee the quality of products. We offer the most suitable fertilizer production solution in accordance with customers’ raw materials, construction of factory building and capital budget.

Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Professional Manufacturer & Customized Plant

◆Welcome pay a visit to our factory before ordering the organic fertilizer machines.
◆If you want to start the organic fertilizer business, learn more about the complete machinery details, production output and price list, please mail to info@fertilizer-machinery.com
◆Small scale plant (800kg/h for new investors) to commercial scale ones are provided!

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Prefer Customized Solutions?

FanWay Fertilizer Machinery offers customizable services, including plant expansions, fertilizer production lines optimization, custom plant design, On-site support and training etc. ☞

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Small Scale Organic Compost Fertilizer Production Line

Starting a Small Scale Composting Operation 

◇ Daily Output: 10-30 Tons
◇ Land area: 100m (L) × 50m (W)
◇ Raw material: all kinds of compstable organic wastes, such as animal waste, agricultural wastes etc.
◇ Details comprising of compost production machinery: compost turner–compost crusher–generated compost sieve–finished compost packager


Rotary Dryer

Rotary dryer is employed to reduce the moisture content of fertilizer granules. It is also widely used in animal waste drying, such as chicken manure/litter drying.

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Fertilizer Granulator


Granulation allows significant simplification of the storage, transport and dosage, improving both usability and storability; Granulating compost improves its slow-acting properties, and avoids nitrogen starvation.

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