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Dust-free Cage Crusher

Introduction of Dust-free Fertilizer Crusher
The dust-free cage mill is a middle-size horizontal cage bar crusher and it is good at crushing raw materials with the moisture content below 40% fertilizer crushing machineespecially the material with high hardness. The machine is suitable for the crushing of urea, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate and other hard particle materials. It is the best choice to crush hard materials in organic & compound fertilizer production. But it has an obvious shortcoming: always produces too much dust during the crushing process. To solve this problem, we do a research and make improvement. We add a cyclone separator to the machine to greatly decrease dust.

Working Principle of Organic Fertilizer Crusher
The drive of the organic fertilizer cage mill is mainly offered by the electric motors on both sides. The main body is welded on the bracket which is made of box iron; the rotors are in the main body of the machine. The main shafts are on the two sides of the main body and connected with the electric motors by using belts. The feeding hole is on the side of the main body and the discharge hole is under the bracket. The whole body of the crusher is held up by four landing legs. When the crusher works, the electric motor on one side drives the big cage to clockwise rotate, meanwhile, organic wastesthe electric motor on the other side drives the small cage to counterclockwise rotate. The material enters the wheel box; the steel bars cut and crush the material over and over again to make the material become fine particles finally.
Cyclone separator (ash handling equipment) is the important part of the fertilizer cage crusher. The dusty air enters the fertilizer crusher for saleseparator in a high speed through the air inlet of the outer cylinder and makes a spiral high-speed rotation between the inner cylinder and outer cylinder. During the rotation, the dust particles are thrown to the inner wall of the outer cylinder and lose speed. Under the action of gravity, the dust particles fall down along the wall of the cylinder, and then go out from the dust discharging hole. After being crushed, materials are transported into fertilizer granulators for further process.

Features of Easy Operation Cage Mill
1. Cage Crusher has a simple and compact structure which makes sure that the machine occupies a small area. It is easy to maintain and clean. It runs smoothly and has a wonderful crushing efficiency.
2. This organic fertilizer crusher is very easy to operate and is safe to use.
3. There is no vibration and noise.
4. The fertilizer crusher has a reliable performance, low loss and long service life. Besides, the crushing size is adjustable to meet various requirements.
5. This fertilizer cage mill adopts high-strength wear-resisting cemented carbide to ensure good abrasion performance and long service life.

Application of Fertilizer Raw Materials Crusher
1. The compound fertilizer crusher is used for crushing the urea and other hard materials in the high nitrogen compound fertilizer production.
2. This cage mill is mainly used to crush chemical fertilizers with moisture below 6%.
3. The organic fertilizer crusher is also used to crush all kinds of organic wastes which can be used in organic fertilizer production line.
We always provide our customers with high quality fertilizer crushers which are manufactured of high quality materials. We can manufacture any type of fertilizer raw materials crusher according to customer requirements. Our dust-free cage mill is well-known and has been accepted widely. To provide high quality products and first-rate service is our aim. Hope to develop the relations of friendship and cooperation with more and more friends from all over the world.

Technical Parameter of Fertilizer Cage Crusher

Overall Dimension L×W×H (mm)
Production Capacity (t/h)
Power (kw)
Rotating speed (r/min)
15+15 (2 motors)
22+18.5 (2 motors)



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