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Vertical Chain Fertilizer Crusher Introduction&Application
fertilizer crusherOur vertical chain crusher is suitable for both bio-organic and compound fertilizer production line. It can crush large lump materials into small granules. But its most common use is to crush sub-standard fertilizers after screening process, so this fertilizer crusher is always placed behind rotary drum sifting machine in the fertilizer production line. Except for fertilizer plant, this type of fertilizer crusher can also be used in chemical industry, building materials industry, mining industry and so on. The feed opening and discharge outlet of this machine is rationally designed, promising that materials can be fully and evenly crushed. Alloy chain-flights, which is with high intensity and wear-resistances, is adopted to prevent materials from sticking. The vertical crusher can be used individually or in conjunction with other fertilizer equipment, such as in 30,000 t/y rotary drum granulator production line.

Fertilizer Crushing Process
This vertical chain crusher belongs to impact crusher. The material was crushed by the impact through the chain with high-speed revolution. This machine is a vertical chain crusher, and it is equipped with the single rotor. The crushing mechanism is a pair of rotors with 4-8 groups chains. The rotor was installed in the chassis parallelly. Each rotor has separate electrical motor to drive, and did the counter-rotating. When the rotor is in the static state, the chain will sag under gravity. While the rotor is spinning at high speed, under the impact of the centrifugal force, the chain will stretch to all around in flap type. Materials enter into the machine, and then were crushed by the constant hit of the chains and the impact of the materials against each other. Then the standard finished materials are discharged via the outlet.
What’s more, the thickness of the materials can realize via increasing or decreasing the number of the chain. When this chain crusher is operating at maximum load, materials can be crushed to less than 1mm.

Fertilizer Grinder Features
● It is vertical chain crusher for middle size
● Crushing materials uniformly, smooth operation
● Not easy to stick on the wall and easy to clean
● It’s the enemy of large lump materials
● Rational structure with removable back plate, convenient maintenance
● Small room occupation, high volume

fertilizer crusher

Easy Operation Fertilizer Crushing Machine Specifications

Overall Dimension
LXWXH (mm)
Production Capacity (t/h)
Motor Power (kw)
Maximum Size of Entering Granule (mm)
Size After Crushing (mm)



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