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Introduction of High-efficiency Pan Mixer
The flat pan fertilizer mixer is mainly applied to compound fertilizer plant. By using the optimum quality material and leading technology, this fertilizer pan mixermixing machine reaches the industry norms and international specifications. It is popular among our customers due to its high-efficiency, competitive price, easy-operation, and low maintenance cost. In the compound fertilizer production line, it is placed before fertilizer granulator, to evenly mix kinds of raw materials before granulating.

Features of Compound Fertilizer Blending Machine
1)Robust & compact construction
● Adopting cyloidal pin gear speed reducer,improving mix uniformity, discharging conveniently.
● The pan mixer adopts polypropylene plate or stainless steel inner lining, which prevents raw materials from adhering on the wall, and has better abrasion resistance.
● Using the novel rotor structure, the minimum clearance between the rotor and shell can be adjusted to near zero, which efficiently decreases the residue of materials.
2) Easy maintenance& Superior Performance: with features of smaller volume, light-weight, stable performance, the powder mixer machine is energy-saving and has a long service life. It is not easy to stick or plugging materials which makes maintenance easier.
flat pan mixer3) High-efficiency: this fertilizer mixer is specially designed for compound fertilizer production. With advantages of high-speed to load materials and less time of mixing, it can achieve continuous work with high-efficiency, thus it is very suitable for large scale fertilizer production.
4) Other Merits: more reasonable body design, excellent in shape. It can either work independently or matched with fertilizer plant.

Working Principle of Fertilizer Mixing Machine
The pan mixer consists of stir plate, outlet, agitating shaft, mixing arm, rack, gearbox, motor, and cycloidal reducer. The motor was slowing down via cycloidal reducer, and then drives the main shaft working. In turn, the main shaft drives stirrer gear to mix the raw materials. The center of the stir plate equips with a cylinder, and the upper of the cylinder is provided with a round barrelhead. The mixing arm is fixed on the round barrelhead, and the stirring shaft is connecting with one side of the round barrelhead, and through the cylinder. The stirring shaft drives the round barrelhead, to make the mixing arm rotating. There are some small shovels fixed on the agitating arms. This fertilizer blending machine starts under a full load, then mixing raw materials in the disc. Materials will be discharged from the outlet of the disc, and falling on the belt conveyor. And then materials will be granulated by the granulator.fertilizer mixer

Operation Caution
1. Avoid using overload operation.
2. Keep the disc mixer machine dry.
3. Check if the bolts are loose before starting the machine.
4.When starting the main motor, to see if the rotation direction is opposite. If opposite, stop the machine immediately and adjust the direction.
5. Stop feeding materials when you are stopping the machine. It is strictly forbidden to stop the machine with materials in it.

Application of Compound Fertilizer Pan Mixer
This fertilizer mixer is widely applied to mix and crush bulk powder materials, such as chemical powder, building clay, putty powder, mortar, slag, feed powder, coating and fertilizer, and etc. It is especially for producing compound fertilizer and BB fertilizer. And it is also suitable for urban and rural construction engineering.

Technical Data of Pan Mixer

Overall Dimensions
(L×W×H) (mm)
Mixer Diameter(mm)



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