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Double Mode Extrusion Granulator

Introduction of Double Mode Fertilizer Granulation Machine
fertilizer granulatorDual-mode organic fertilizer granulator is a combination of various pelletizing technologies applicable to organic materials granulation. It significantly strengthens granulation function, making double-mode fertilizer production technology the most promising one in modern fertilizer granulation process. Double mode fertilizer pellet mill takes advantages of both spiral extrusion granulator and flat die granulator, greatly reducing template loss expense (consumables being 2-3 RMB/T). Energy consumption has decreased exceeding 60% than common fertilizer granulation machines. Convenient to discharge or install the molds. The standard pore size is 4mm. It is unnecessary to clean the drilling as the die won’t be plugged after stop. Pellet yield can be higher than 90%. Being the newest organic fertilizer machine, double-mode fertilizer granulator is the preferred device being widely used in organic fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer production.

Working Principle of Organic Fertilizer Pellet Mill
Applying dual-die (ring die and flat die) granulation & bilateral extrusion technology, organic materials obtain continuous and fast extruding, significantly strengthening physical pelletization pressure between particle substances. Granulation efficiency increases by 1-3 times compared with conventional component of double mode fertilizer granulatorfertilizer granulator. Power consumption reduces by more than 60%.

Features of Double-mode Organic Fertilizer Granulator
Dual-mode organic fertilizer granulation machine includes Feeder, Granulator, and Control System. The feeder is installed over the granulator. It consists of hopper, screw conveyor (or auger conveyor, PID control quantitative feeding), and variable-frequency motor. The top side of the auger conveyor is connected with hopper, the other side with discharge opening. The PID controlled screw conveyor is driven by variable-frequency motor.
The granulator consists of main motor, reducer, pressure-transport auger conveyor, radial pressing roll, axial pressing roller, ring die and flat die. The output shaft of granulator main motor joins with the reducer. Coupling connects reducer output shaft with main axle of pressure-transport auger conveyor. On the top end of screw conveyor, there is feed opening linking with discharge opining of the feeder. On the other end, there are radial and axial pressing rollers, the outside of which are respectively established application of organic fertilizer granulatorwith ring mode and flat mode being fixed on the granulator frame, being installed on the main axle, perpendicular to one another.
The control system mainly consists of current transformer, intelligent transmission ammeter, and frequency converter. Load current output of granulator main motor is passed through current transformer, whose electrical signal output terminal is linked with input terminal of current transmission signal of frequency converter. Power supply output side of frequency converter connects with power source input terminal of frequency motor.

Application of Organic Fertilizer Granulator
The double-mode organic fertilizer pellet mill is with simple structure, high output, low power consumption, and less wear. It has both screw extrusion technology and ring die & flat die granulation technique. It can be widely used in chemical, bio-energy, food, feed, fertilizer, and other industries. This fertilizer pellet mil is also suitable for producing organic fertilizer, bio-fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer with raw materials being organic wastes from enterprises, such as filter mud, sugar, alcohol, starch, and animal husbandry.

Technical Data of Organic Fertilizer Granulator

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