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Hydraulic Compost Turner Being shipped to Malaysia

Details of Hydraulic Compost Turner:
Product Name: Hydraulic Compost Turner
Width of the pile(mm): 3000
Height of the pile(mm): 1400
Plies distance(m): 0.5-1   Power: 108HP
Driving mode: Hydraulic system
Departure City: Shanghai
Arrival Country: Malaysia
Delivery Date: 12th, Oct., 2015

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Advantage of Hydraulic Compost Turner:

◇Solid structure and high quality
◇Strong driving force
◇High yield and low consumption
◇Adopt advanced technology
◇Accelerate microbial decomposition
◇Easy to maintain and operate
◇Long service life period
◇Safe for operating personnel

1.How long is the composting?
The period of composting depends on the raw material. It usually needs seven to ten days using the compost turner manufactured by us. If the raw material is waste straw, it takes fifteen to twenty days for composting animal waste and other organic materials.
2.When is the strain added?
In order to ensure sufficient fermentation, strain is supposed to add in the process of composting. Different strains are fermented in five to seven days, which makes organic waste and animal dung ferment fully. In this way, it can deodorize manure efficiently and accelerate microbial culture.
3.How to give off the odor during compost?
In the process of bio-organic fertilizer fermentation, it often has an unpleasant smell. Ventilation is the key point during compost. It is important to choose flat areas with a sunny exposure.
4.How to control moisture while composting?
Moisture should not be too high. When the raw material is animal waste, water condition should be detected in time. If moisture content is too high, the operator should remove the moisture firstly before composting.

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