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Self-propelled Compost Turner is Shipping to Turkey

Details of Self-propelled compost turner:
Product Name: Self-propelled compost turner
Model: 9FY-FYD-2300
Power: 58FYHP(water-cooling, electric start)
Processing capacity (m³/h): 500-700
Manufacturer: Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery Co., Ltd.
Departure City: Shanghai
Arrival Country: Turkey
Delivery Date: 23th, Feb., 2016

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Fan Way Self-propelled compost turner can effectively turn and mix livestock manure, sludge and microbial agents and straw powder, which makes it sells well in North Turkey, and other Asian Countries, like Philippine, Singapore. It creates a better environment for aerobic fermentation of raw materials.
A new compost windrow turner was shipping to Turkey two days ago. Our customer Mark successfully bought a new self-propelled compost turner model of 9FY-FYD-2300 form Fan Way Fertilizer Machinery on 23th, Feb., 2016.
Mark is the owner of a large-scale farm in Bursa. Due to massive sheep, there are a lot of sheep manure. It is a big problem to deal with the manure. In addition, Bursa is known for agriculture. Therefore, Mark wanted to start a new business of organic fertilizer production with a partner. Because of wide open areas in his farm, he decided to compost the manure with the organic fertilizer compost turner. After detailed understanding of his information, our sales person recommended self-propelled compost turner to him. With a more particular knowledge of our compost turner, Mark was satisfied our product and established a long cooperation with us.

Usage of Self-propelled Compost Turner
Packed fermentation on the ground needs to pile materials into shaped windrow. Raw materials are crushed and mixed by the turner at regular time. This kind of machine has the function of crushing materials. In this way, it saves time and labor, increasing production efficiency and products quality. Therefore, the cost is greatly reduced. Bio-organic fertilizer compost windrow turner is used for many raw materials, such as poultry manure, agricultural waste, sugar filter mud, sludge, garbage, etc. Using the philosophy of aerobic fermentation, raw materials are making into green and environmental organic fertilizer to improve soil quality.

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