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Description of Fertilizer Coating Machine
The organic&compound fertilizer coater machine adopts special spraying process which is a combination of micronutrients, liquid raw materials and fertilizer coating machineother solid powder like plastic, resin, paraffin wax, polyethylene, and element sulfur. The coating system leads to good coating effect, and can enhance fertilizer efficiency. The internal structure of the rotary fertilizer coater is specially designed according to the process requirements. During the spraying process, a protective film is formed on the surfaces of fertilizer particles which is isolated from air and prevented from clumping effectively. The envelope purposes are to add micro-elements of coated fertilizer, to prolong shelf life, to slow-release fertilizer, and to improve the surface smoothness and brightness of the granules. This rotary coating machine can be used individually as well as operated together with other fertilizer equipment, such as fertilizer granulator, fertilizer sifting machine etc. If being in conjunction with fertilizer machines, this compound fertilizer coater usually follows rotary drum screening machine. Then coated fertilizers are transformed by belt conveyor for further packaging. Being a popular compound fertilizer production machine.

Advantage of Compound Fertilizer Coater
Our rotary coating machine is one kind of effective machine special for organic & compound fertilizer production.
1. With adoption of powder spraying technology or liquid coating technology, this drum coating equipment is helpful to prevent compound fertilizers from clotting or agglomeration.
2. The coating of a protective layer contributes to a slow release of fertilizer at later growth stage of plants, reducing fertilizer efficiency losses, improving the raising the output of the crop.
3. Adding micro-elements in the spraying process improves fertilizer efficiency and fertilizer nutrients.
4. The coated fertilizers are helpful to avoid damage to seeds or seedling caused by blind & excessive application of fertilizer.

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Features of Fertilizer Coater
According to special technological requirement, this fertilizer coating machine is designed with special internal structure. Our fertilizer coater machine is made up of main frame, connected with other equipment by belt conveyor.
● Reliable structure: Its mainframe adopts polypropylene lining or acid resistant stainless steel plate to protect the machine from corrosion.
● Portable: The complete machine will be portable and can be moved to every desired location by a loader or forklift.
● High capacity: the largest production capacity can arrive 30 tons per hour. Even the smallest type can also achieve 5 t/h.
● Low malfunction: With certificates of ISO9001, ISO2000 and ABS, and OEM service, our products are all with high quality.
● High efficiency & easy operation. Any technical problems, please contact us timely.

Technical Parameters of Compound Fertilizer Coating Machine

Production Capacity (t/h)
Power (kw)
Barrel Internal Diameter (mm)
Barrel Length (mm)
Barrel Inclination


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