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High Inclination-angle Belt Conveyor

Introduction of High Inclination-angle Conveyor Belt:
This material handling conveyors is a new type of continuous conveyor equipment. It has high conveying capacity, high universality, wide range of conveyor beltapplication and other advantages. It is suitable for dealing with the materials with unit mass 500 to 2500 kg/m3 and size between 100 and 250mm. As it has a simple mechanism, easy maintenance, small space usage, low investment and other characteristics, the high angle belt conveyor is widely used in many industries such as coal industry, power industry, metallurgic industry, chemical industry, grain industry and so on. It is an important part of the fertilizer production line.

The Working Principle of the Belt Conveyor System
This material handling conveyor has a special structure in which the retractable rubber wave-type flanges are added to the sides of the rubber conveyer belt. And the diaphragm plates consisting of the materials with high strength and high elasticity are glued to the space between the wave-type flanges to form a box-type bucket. Based on such special structure, the materials are conveyed smoothly and continuously in the bucket in a high inclination-angle. It connects with various fertilizer machines, such as combining compost turner with fertilizer crusher, linking fertilizer granulator with fertilizer drying machine etc.

The Features of the High Inclination-angle Conveyor Belt
conveyor belt1.It can work at a high inclination-angle so as to reduce the occupied area and save equipment investment as well as the civil engineering cost.
2.Convenient and flexible layout which makes sure the high inclination-angle belt conveyor can be moved to any position easily and connected to any other equipment freely.
3.It runs steadily and has a lower noise so as to increase conveying efficiency and improve the work environment.
4.It performs reliably. There is no chain scission and other mechanical failure to reduce the maintenance cost.
5.It needs less energy consumption to so that the cost is reduced and the energy is saved greatly.
6.The wave-shape flanges design makes sure the conveying goes on smoothly without spilling.
7.Its structure is very simple so that its maintenance is very easy.

The Application of the Material Handling Conveyors
1.Belt conveyor system has wave-shape flanges and diaphragm plates, so it is suitable for the high inclination-angle conveying.
2.High inclination-angle belt conveyor is used in coal industry, power industry, metallurgic industry and other fields. It conveys bulk materials with the bulk specific weight from 0.5 t/m³ to 2.5 t/ m³in the work environment with the temperature between -15℃ and 40℃.
3.The high inclination-angle belt conveyor can convey special material such as the materials with high temperature, acid, alkali and organic solvent if it uses the special conveyer belt.
4.The conveying angle of the high inclination-angle belt conveyor can reach 0° to 90°. It is very useful in the fertilizer production and some construction.

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