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Bio-organic Fertilizer Plant Being Shipped to Nigeria

A 30,000 T/Y bio-organic fertilizer production line was sold to Nigeria two weeks ago. There are increasing demand of organic fertilizer in the country. In addition, we provided many useful suggestion and long service period. A regular customer decided to buy a complete organic fertilizer production line.
Fertilizer Equipment of the Whole Organic Fertilizer Production Line

flat pan mixer for sale

Flat Pan Mixer
The customer uses rice straw and cassava residue as raw materials for organic fertilizer production. In order to increase fertilizer quality, he wants to add nitrogen after fermentation. Therefore, he choose flat pan mixer.

pan fertilizer granulator for sale

Pan Fertilizer Granulator
Pan fertilizer granulator is used for granulation of powder materials with good caking ability. The materials what our customer uses are mixed into powder before granulation. In the meantime, it has high granulation rate. Therefore, pan fertilizer granulation is the first choice for the whole production.

rotary drum fertilizer dryer sor sale

Rotary Drum Fertilizer Dryer
As for organic granules, it is suitable for the particles to be dried in rotary drum fertilizer dryer. The machine is characterized by reliable performance, high rate of heat utilization and even drying. After drying, granules should be cooled in fertilizer cooler.

fertilizer screener and belt conveyor for sale

Fertilizer Screener and Belt Conveyor
According to our customer’s demand, we provide drum screening machine for him. This kind of fertilizer screener can make the particles separated from revert materials, which makes finished products in even classification.

1. How to choose plant site?
As for organic raw materials, it may produce special odor in the process of transportation and fermentation. Therefore, there are some basic principles for organic fertilizer plant.
a. It should be situated far from residential areas and industrial plant.
b. The organic fertilizer plant should be close to raw material producing area, which can reduce transportation express and pollution.
c. The transportation is convenient.
d. It has convenient water and electricity supply.
2. What is the area of mill site?
As for 30,000 T/Y organic fertilizer plant, it needs 30,000 ㎡ to build the plant.
3.Does it need to be fermented? What fertilizer equipment does it use?
As for organic raw materials, it usually needs to be fermented firstly. When it is in sufficient fermentation, the material can be used for fertilizer production. It is the essential process in the whole organic fertilizer production. It has direct effect on granulation efficiency.
The common equipment of fermentation is as follows.
After fermentation, it can remove organic materials from spetic tank.
b. Compost turner
The raw materials should be composting in the initial period. And it should be turned by compost turner every three days.
c. Fertilizer crusher
It can make materials broken after fermentation.
4.What is the input-output ratio of raw materials?
It usually produces one ton fertilizer of one to two tons raw materials.  

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