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Organic Fertilizer Production Line Sold to Tanzania

Last month, a 20,000T/Y organic fertilizer production line was sold to Tanzania. The customer bought the same production line last year. Because of expanded production, A new organic fertilizer production line is needed. The customer contacted us and concluded the transaction quickly.

Equipment in the organic fertilizer production
The main fertilizer equipment in the organic fertilizer production includes compost turner, fertilizer crusher, fertilizer mixer, fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer dryer, fertilizer cooling machine, fertilizer screener and belt conveyer, etc. There are various raw materials that are suitable to produce organic fertilizer, including crop straw, animal waste and municipal sludge, etc. Organic fertilizer provides abundant nutrition and improves soil condition, which accelerates the growth for plants.

Production process flow
Organic fertilizer raw material is fermented firstly. And then these material is crushed and mixed fully. After grinding, the material is granulated according to different needs. It produces particles during granulation. The particles are dried by fertilizer dryer in order to remove moisture. It should be cooled after drying. Unqualified products will screened by screening machine and sent back by belt conveyor to be granulated again. Qualified products are packaged by packaging machine. Organic fertilizer is produced in the whole organic fertilizer production.

Advantages of organic fertilizer
1.It supplies various nutrients for plants growth.
2.It can improve soil physical and chemical properties.
3.It helps improve product quality.
4.It promotes the utilization of fertilizer and increases pest and disease resistance.

1.Why is the raw material crushed before granulation?
The size of material is limited of granulator. If the material is too big, it increases the difficulty of granulating. When the material is crushed and mixed fully, it is easy to granulate different kinds of particles. In this way, the production efficiency is increased accordingly.
2.Why is the material granulated?
After granulation, material is made for granules with unified form. When it is made into finished products, it is easy to store and transport. In the meanwhile, it accelerates soil absorption and reduces volatilization.
3.How to add N, P, K in the process of organic fertilizer production?
Organic fertilizer raw materials (animal manure, garbage, twigs rotten leaves, biogas, waste bacteria, etc.) are sent into the high moisture materials crusher after fermentation and pulverized. And then add other elements NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, etc.) so that the desired mineral elements can meet standard requirements.
4. What is raw material of fertilizer equipment?
Selection of steel is adjusted according to customer requirement. As a famous fertilizer machinery, we always abide by the principle of the supremacy of customers, aiming to provide best service for all our customers.

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