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Technical Analysis of Organic Fertilizer Use and Development

In order to obtain higher efficiency on the limited land resources, in addition to the rational use of chemical fertilizers, farmers should pay more attention to organic fertilizer.

1.Roles in Culturing Soil Fertility
a. Organic fertilizer speeds up the matter cycle in agricultural ecosystems.
Organic fertilizer is indispensable in agriculture. By means of photosynthesis, plants convert solar energy into biochemical energy, forming the organic body, most of which return the nature in forms of crops straws, human excreta and animal waste. In this process, all those wastes can be fermented, and then granulated into quality organic fertilizers. By this cycle of transformation, organic fertilizer plays an irreplaceable and important role in improving soil fertility and crop nutrition.

b. Organic fertilizer supplies both organic and inorganic nutrients necessary for plants growth
Organic fertilizer contains rich organic matters, macro- and micro-elements. After processed by compost windrow turner and organic fertilizer making machines, they can be absorbed by plants directly. Organic fertilizer contains a large number of microorganisms and some active substances, such as enzymes, hormones, growth hormone etc., which promotes root development, increases organic matter content in the soil, and improves soil physical and chemical properties, resulting in the increase of nitrogen and phosphorus content in the soil!
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2.Raw Materials and Comprehensive Utilization of Organic Fertilizers
a.Raw materials and productionorganic fertilizer raw material
◇ Pig manure
Farmers take pig farming as a main source of producing animal manure. Once farmers raise a pig, each year to it provides 2.5 tons pig manure per year.Together with other manures, it can provide more than 2 tonnes organic fertilizer for average 667 m2 arable land. The most important thing is to improve enough enthusiasm of pig farmers. It should be noted that pig manure should be well-composted. With the help of compost turner, pig manure composting only takes 7-15 days.
◇ Straw returning
Returning crop stalk into field is is an important measure to ensure stable and high production for farmland. The first step is to solve the current rural energy problems. In other words,crop straw should be stored and forbidden burning. In addition, agricultural scientists are supposed to make research on straws returned into field technology.There are two ways that are used for straw organic fertilizer usage. One is to crush raw material in field. The other is to compost crop straw on open ground. At the same time, farmers can plant green manure, shovel grass and use leaves to make composting in summer.
◇ Planting green manure
Planting green manure can add a lot of soil organic matter and has effect on nitrogen fixation. It is rich in phosphorus, potassium and microelements. Green manure can activate the soil, improve soil structure and plays a role in improving soil fertility, but also initiatives new sources for for pig farming and livestock development. Taking developing green manure as a strategic measure in agriculture, fertilizer manufacturers should supply enough seeds and fertilizer and farmers expand acreage.
◇ The harmless treatment of garbage and night soil
The volume of excrement is 27 million tons and transport volume of garbage is 50.09 million tons. Once it is effectively utilized, it can be the equivalent of 40 million tons of chemical fertilizer.

b.Multipurpose utilization of organic fertilizer
Reconstruct the urban toilet, rural pigsty and lair, and gradually solve the energy problems in rural areas. Developing biogas can accelerate thermal treatment of pig manure and human waste. It not only sterilizes but also improves fertilizer efficiency. The government takes a policy of biological and engineering measures combination, organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer combination and current and long-term construction combination. Therefore, it enables three synchronous steps in economic, ecological and social benefits, which enhances agricultural development potential.

3. Utilization and Development of Organic Fertilizer
a. Organic fertilizer production
While making organic fertilizer, obtain soil locally and pack the pigsty in a layered way. After a certain time, move the composting from pigsty. And then organic fertilizer applicationstack in a certain time. effectively preventing the loss of nutrients. It is conducive to be mineralization and humification. In the past time, most rural straw is used for firewood and livestock feed. After it is transformed to plant ash and composting, it is applied in farmland.

b. Organic fertilizer application effect
Organic fertilizer plays an irreplaceable role in agriculture than chemical fertilizer. Acting as a long-term fertilizer, organic fertilizer provides organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and micro-elements. Organic fertilizer can improve soil physical and chemical properties and soil exchange capacity and aeration, prevent soil soil compaction due to the long-term application of chemical fertilizers. Applying organic fertilizer can also save money, reduce costs, prevent pollution, cleanup the environment, improve the quality of fertilizer, thereby improving crop yield and quality.

c. Development direction of organic fertilizer
※ Opening up organic fertilizer sources
Strive to develop green manure in animal husbandry. Except for human excreta and livestock manure, the manure should be used along with the development plans, such as drought resistance, barren alfalfa, etc. These plants can be as feed for animals, but also develops animal husbandry, which promotes the development of large-scale farming. It can be used as green manure directly to field, having effects on soil fertility and soil improvement.
※ Vigorous expansion of biogas fertilizer
Confined environment in digesters can effectively kill bacteria and make manure compost completely. As beautifying environment, it provides biogas slurry residue for farmers with a sterile odorless. Using a clear biogas slurry fertilizer sprays plants. Applying biogas residue in field can provide nutrition for the crops and improve soil fertility.
※ Expanding the area of NPKS
Since the planting habits and various factors, straw returning to field is still not in large-scale promotion. The government needs to increase publicity and guidance, and gradually expand the area of straw, reaching to rational use of available resources.
※ Conducting organic fertilizer industrialized production and commercialization
There are some basic constructions of organic fertilizer. For example, establish organic fertilizer plant or exchange markets. With the development of agricultural production and raising the level of scientific farming, we should attach great importance to organic fertilizer production system application from a strategic perspective .

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